Just Before Sunrise (2021)

//Just Before Sunrise (2021)
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Cover art for Just Before Sunrise album - a painting of a tree without leaves on a warm colored textured background.

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“Just Before Sunrise”
May 7, 2021

All songs written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN). Except: Light a Fire & Believer written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN) and Royal Wood (SOCAN)

Producers:  All songs produced by Russell Broom, except ‘Light a Fire’ and ‘Heavy is the Burden’ produced by Royal Wood.

Recorded at: “The Broom Closet” (Calgary AB) and OCL (Langdon AB).
Engineer at the Broom Closet: Russell Broom. Engineer at OCL: Josh Gwilliam
Except ‘Light a Fire’ and ‘Heavy is the Burden’: recorded at Secret Door Recording Company (Toronto ON). Engineer: Tim Abraham. Assisted by Jonathon Unger

Mixing by: All songs mixed by Russell Broom except ‘Light a Fire’ and ‘Heavy is the Burden’, mixed by Tim Abraham (Secret Door Recording Company)

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering (Vancouver BC)
Artwork/Design/Layout: Mary Beth Maclean
Cover Illustration: Mary Beth Maclean
Additional Photography: Chris Graham

Track List

  • Morning Light (4:26)
  • Play that Song Again (4:03)
  • Light a Fire (3:33)
  • How Long we been Waiting (3:47)
  • Where I Belong (3:32)
  • One Foot on Main Street (4:34)
  • Love is a Bucket (3:57)
  • Ready to be Brave (3:58)
  • Believer (3:04)
  • Heavy is the Burden(3:36)

Jeffery thanks Creative Saskatchewan for financial assistance in producing this recording