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[dropcap]J[/dropcap]oin TEAM JEFFERY! A group of dedicated fans who go above and beyond in spreading their excitement about Jeffery’s songs and shows.

These outstanding people spread the juicy word about new albums and songs, local Straker concerts and new videos.  They might hang some posters, invite friends to shows or share Jeffery’s news via social media and actual conversations.  And we’re open to any ideas you have on how you might help out.

Being a member of  Team Jeffery is kinda like being part of his family, which of course, has its perks (just ask Jill, his sister & backing singer!).  Here is a sampling of such perks:

  • Free tickets to concerts
  • One-of-a-kind Team Jeffery gifts
  • A piece of real estate in his heart  (his heart is big, there is room for many souls in there!)

[toggle title=”How do I sign up?” open=”no”]
First, fill out the information under “Join Team Jeffery” on this page below

Include your name and city. Let us know if you have any special talents he should take advantage of, relating to promotion, word-of-mouth, Internet know-how, poster-designing, etc.

Second, Join the Facebook group (we’ll send you a link in the confirmation email).  There you’ll meet other team members who also love Jeffery’s songs. You can post fond memories and pictures of the promo you’re doing.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How will I know when I am needed?” open=”no”]

You can always check the Facebook group page, or Jeffery’s website for the latest tour dates, but we make sure to e-mail each of the street teamers personally 1 – 2 months before Jeffery is scheduled to perform in your town and ask if you’re available to promote the gig. When a new album, single or video comes out – you’ll be the first to know.[/toggle]

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There are many ways you can help, with several levels of participation to choose from based on your availability.  Just do what you can as every little bit helps!

Street Promotion:

  • Posting flyers/posters around town prior to promote the show as well as the current CD release.
  • Leaving Jeffery’s postcards at cafes/galleries/venues you visit
  • We bet you have other nifty ideas!

Online Promotion:

As you’ll see some of these are super easy to do and they all help:

  • Posting videos, songs and images on the social network of choice
  • Review or interview Jeffery for your blog
  • Comment on blog posts that have featured Jeffery
  • Write a review of one of his albums on Itunes
  • Rate his albums on iTunes
  • Follow Jeffery on FacebookTwitter & Instagram and comment/tweet when you feel like it

Help us out with Radio:

  • When a new album or single is launched, contact your favorite local radio station (CBC, favorite FM station, on-line station) and let them know you’d like to hear a song. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are there other ways to promote Jeff other than Team Jeffery?” open=”no”]

Of course there are!!

Tell a friend (or THREE!) about Jeffery’s music


Host a house concert!  [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Be the TEAM JEFFERY Leader!” open=”no”]

We are on the lookout for a Team Jeffery Leader.  Kind of like the king or queen of a little mini-kingdom who will help with the organization of team members.  This takes someone with a bit more organizational skills.  Maybe it’s a duo or trio of people who know each other?   Feel free to suggest ideas![/toggle]

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