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Songwriting Workshops

Jeffery has worked with both students and adults in songwriting workshops and has received great feedback from participants. Sessions can be designed specifically for the needs of your group – be it beginners to more advanced writers. Length can also be designed to suit your needs – ranging from a full day to 2 days BUT shorter 2 hour sessions are also possible (we’ll work to suit your needs for workshop length – tell us what you’re thinking). Workshops are highly example-based, and involve participation. Topics can include: Brainstorming ideas, object writing, metaphors, similes, verse development, distilling down to your core idea, tempo, key, melody, re-writing, perspective/person and more!
“Jeffery Straker is an engaging, charismatic, enthusiastic, and compassionate instructor who had my students completely enthralled with the songwriting process. He was totally prepared and professional, giving the students the tools to work on their own songwriting while allowing them to explore some emotional territory that opened up new possibilities for them both as songwriters and as maturing individuals. The workshops yielded amazing results, and I believe he has introduced the students to a craft that will have lifelong potential as a creative outlet for them.” (Karen Blackwell-Jones – Saskatchewan)
Contact Jeffery for more info including dates and fees.