“Great Big Sky”
June 7, 2024

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All songs written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN). Except: The Time You’ve Got (Jeffery Straker, Beverley Mahood, Mac Shepherd) & Sing Your Song (Jeffery Straker, Lynn Miles)

Producer: Steve Dawson

Recorded at: The Henhouse Studio - Nashville TN

Engineer: Steve Dawson  Assistant Engineer: Lake Wilkinson 

Mixing: Al Rowe - Toronto ON

Mastering: Joao Carvalho - Toronto ON

Artwork/Design: Marybeth Maclean
Photography: Ali Lauren

Track List

  1. Some Say It's Just a Sky 4:25
  2. Take Me to the Touchwoods 3:26
  3. Carry on with Grace 3:39
  4. More Than Two by Fours and Timber 3:47
  5. Better Than What We Found 3:46
  6. Rock Paper Scissors 3:50
  7. Brand New Light 3:22
  8. The Time You've Got 3:35
  9. Sing Your Song 4:02
  10. Dandelions 3:24

 Click here for a PDF containing lyrics for all 10 songs on "Great Big Sky":

Great Big Sky Song Lyrics

“Just After Sunset”
May 6, 2022

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All songs written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN)

Producers: Brad Prosko & Jeffery Straker

Recording/Engineering: Tracks 1 to 4 recorded at Jeffery’s Living Room (Regina SK) & engineered by Brad Prosko.  Guitars recorded at Wascana Sound (Regina SK) engineered by Bryn Besse.  ‘Heavy is the Burden’ recorded at Touchwood Studios (Regina SK), engineered by Brad Prosko

Mixing/Mastering: All songs mixed & mastered by Brad Prosko

Artwork/Design: Marybeth Maclean
Cover Illustration:  Mary Beth Maclean


Tracks 1-4: Jeffery Straker lead vocal, piano, hand percussion, stomps. Bryn Besse acoustic guitar, archtop slide guitar

Track 5:| Jeffery Straker lead vocal, piano; Bryn Besse archtop slide guitar; Danny Jones upright bass; Jill Straker & Breeann DeHaven backing vocals; Catherine Folstad cello; Carmelle Pretzlaw violin

Track List

  1. Where I Belong 3:42
  2. Play that Song Again 4:24
  3. Morning Light 4:15
  4. One Foot on Main Street 4:33
  5. Heavy is the Burden 3:34

“Just Before Sunrise”
May 7, 2021

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All songs written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN). Except: Light a Fire & Believer written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN) and Royal Wood (SOCAN)

Producers: All songs produced by Russell Broom, except ‘Light a Fire’ and ‘Heavy is the Burden’ produced by Royal Wood.

Recorded at: “The Broom Closet” (Calgary AB) and OCL (Langdon AB).
Engineer at the Broom Closet: Russell Broom. Engineer at OCL: Josh Gwilliam
Except ‘Light a Fire’ and ‘Heavy is the Burden’: recorded at Secret Door Recording Company (Toronto ON). Engineer: Tim Abraham. Assisted by Jonathon Unger

Mixing by: All songs mixed by Russell Broom except ‘Light a Fire’ and ‘Heavy is the Burden’, mixed by Tim Abraham (Secret Door Recording Company)

Mastered by: Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering (Vancouver BC)
Artwork/Design/Layout: Mary Beth Maclean
Cover Illustration: Mary Beth Maclean
Additional Photography: Chris Graham

Track List

  • Morning Light (4:26)
  • Play that Song Again (4:03)
  • Light a Fire (3:33)
  • How Long we been Waiting (3:47)
  • Where I Belong (3:32)
  • One Foot on Main Street (4:34)
  • Love is a Bucket (3:57)
  • Ready to be Brave (3:58)
  • Believer (3:04)
  • Heavy is the Burden(3:36)

Jeffery thanks Creative Saskatchewan for financial assistance in producing this recording

“Dirt Road Confessional”
May 19, 2017 on Acronym Records / Universal Canada

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All songs written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN)
Except: Deliver Me & Bravery written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN), Royal Wood (SOCAN), Lawrence K Katz (ASCAP)/What He Said Songs (ASCAP)
Walking Shoes written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN) & Jay Semko (SOCAN)
Queen of Broken Souls written by Jeffery Straker & Karen Kosowski (SOCAN)

Producers/Engineers: Daniel Ledwell (Something’s Gotta Give, Fool for You, Fades to Grey); Dean Drouillard (Sweet Sweet Nothings, Get What You Give1); Brad Prosko2 & Murray Pulver (Beauty in the Grey, Boom Boom, Thousand Miles Away, Walking Shoes); Lawrence K Katz2 & Royal Wood (Deliver Me, Bravery); Robyn Dell’Unto (Queen of Broken Souls)
1 1st engineer: Joshua Van Tassel,  2 co-producer

Recording Locations: Something’s Gotta Give, Fool for You, Fades to Grey (Echo Lake Studio, Lake Echo Nova Scotia); Sweet Sweet Nothings, Get What You Give (Dream Date Studio and Hepbourne Lab, Toronto ON); Beauty in the Grey, Boom Boom, Thousand Miles Away, Walking Shoes (Touchwood Studios, Regina SK); Deliver Me, Bravery (Argyle Studio, Los Angeles California); Queen of Broken Souls (Beaconsfield Ave, Toronto ON). Backing vocals on Deliver Me recorded by Dean Drouillard at Hepbourne Lab. Backing vocals (Erin Prop) on Walking Shoes recorded by Murray Pulver at Signpost Music. Steel guitar, banjo, electric guitar on Queen of Broken Souls recorded by Aaron Goldstein at Baldwin Street Sound.

Mixed by: Daniel Ledwell (Something’s Gotta Give, Fool for You, Fades to Grey) at Echo Lake Studio; Dean Drouillard (Get What You Give) at Hepbourne Lab; Brad Prosko (Thousand Miles Away, Walking Shoes) at B-Rad Studio; Tim Abraham (Deliver Me, Bravery, Beauty in the Grey, Boom Boom, Sweet Sweet Nothings) at The Hive; Stew Crookes (Queen of Broken Souls)

Strings on Get What You Give,  arranged/recorded by Drew Jurecka
Horns on Sweet Sweet Nothings, arranged/recorded by Bryden Baird
Horns on Fool for You & Fades to Grey arranged/recorded by Daniel Ledwell
Steel guitar on Thousand Miles Away recorded by Stephen Hinson (Nashville TN)

Mastered by: Joao Carvalho at Carvalho Mastering (Toronto ON)
Design/Layout/Typography: Christine Peters
Cover Illustration: Natasha Sasic

Track List

  • Beauty in the Grey (4:08)
  • Bravery (3:07)
  • Thousand Miles Away (4:29)
  • Boom Boom (3:06)
  • Deliver Me (3:55)
  • Sweet Sweet Nothings (3:12)
  • Something’s Gotta Give (4:14)
  • Queen of Broken Souls (5:16)
  • Fool for You (3:22)
  • Get What You Give (4:47)
  • Walking Shoes (4:13)
  • Fades to Grey (4:23)

Jeffery thanks FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) and Creative Saskatchewan for the financial assistance in producing this recording

“North Star Falling”
March 10, 2015 on Acronym Records / Universal Canada
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All songs written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN)
Except: I Wanna Go Back There written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN), Chris Burke-Gaffney, Arun Chaturvedi.
Nowhere Heart written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN), Alan Frew: FrewSongs Inc (SOCAN), Sean Andrews (SOCAN). You Make Me Want To written by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN) & Karen Kosowski (SOCAN)

All tracks produced by Dean Drouillard
Mixed by Howie Beck at Studio H (Toronto ON)
Except tracks 3,9,12 mixed by Dean Drouillard at The Hepbourne Lab (Toronto ON)
Recorded at The Rogue (Toronto ON) by James Paul, Studio One (Regina SK) by Jason Plumb. Additional recording at The Hepbourne Lab by Dean Drouillard
Strings recorded by Drew Jurecka at Small Dog Studio (Toronto ON) & by Kevin Fox
Horns recorded by Bryden Baird at Bryden’s Audio Massage Theatre (Toronto ON)

String arrangements by Drew Jurecka and Kevin Fox
Horn Arrangements by Bryden Baird and Dean Drouillard
Backing Vocal arrangements by Dean Drouillard

Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel (Toronto ON)

Artwork/Design: Avril Biggin
Album cover photo: Emma-Lee Photography

Track List

  • Summer Love (3:37)
  • Run (4:11)
  • Callin’ it Quits (3:34)
  • Step Into the Fire (3:30)
  • Like it’s the Last One (3:12)
  • Luck Ain’t Chasin’ Me (4:29)
  • I Wanna Go Back There (4:43)
  • Nowhere Heart (4:03)
  • These Bones (4:14)
  • Different Drum (4:18)
  • Gravity (4:30)
  • You Make Me Want To (4:08)

Jeffery thanks FACTOR and SaskMusic for the financial assistance in producing this recording.

“Jeffery Straker Live with CBC Radio”
Released June 29, 2014

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All words and music by Jeffery Straker (SOCAN) © 2014
Produced by Bonnie Austring-Winter & Shauna Powers (CBC Radio)
All tracks recorded, edited & mixed by Chris Haynes (CBC Radio)
Tracks 1-14 recorded at the Mae Wilson Theatre, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan before a live audience (May 11, 2012)
Tracks 15-17 recorded at Westminster United Church, Regina Saskatchewan before a live audience (Nov 12, 2009)
All arrangements: Jeffery Straker
Mastered by Ron Skinner at Heading North Mastering (Toronto ON)

Jeffery Straker-lead vocals & piano; Kory Gibbs-drums; Shawn Patton-bass; Jill Straker-backing vocals; Carmelle Pretzlaw-violin; Amy Borton-cello

Artwork/Design: Derek Bachman (Greenduplex Productions)

Album cover photo & additional photography: Luc Lemoine

Track List

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Falling
  • Slings and Arrows
  • The Wonderful Mrs. Bell
  • Gone
  • Burn the Boats
  • Friday Night Moves
  • Raven
  • Oh God I’m Cinderella
  • Sans Souci
  • The Storm
  • Somewhere Between
  • Walk Away
  • Slings & Arrows (audience sings)
  • BONUS TRACKS: Old Tin Drum
  • Snowflake
  • Furious Butterfly

October 2, 2012 on Acronym Records/EMI Canada
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All tracks produced and engineered by Danny Michel (at Danny Michel Studios) – except tracks 2 & 7
Grand piano recorded by Ron Skinner (at CBC Studio 211, Toronto ON)
‘Rosetta Stone’ recorded by Orion Paradis at Soul Sound Studios (Regina SK), Produced by JM Straker
‘Cathode Rays’ vocals & strings recorded by Dave Misener at Dave Misener Studios (Toronto ON), Produced by JM Straker
Harmonica on Birch Bark Canoe recorded by Fred Penner at Fred Penner’s Place (Winnipeg MB)

All arrangements: Danny Michel & Jeffery Straker
String arrangement on Cathode Rays: Erika Nielsen
Saxophone arrangement on Botanic Gardens: Rob Carli

Mixed by Danny Michel – except Birch Bark Canoe mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Toronto ON), Cathode Rays mixed by Dave Misener, Rosetta Stone mixed by Orion Paradis

Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering (Toronto ON)

Track List

  • Birch Bark Canoe
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Burn the Boats
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Sans Souci
  • Raven
  • Cathode Rays
  • Myopia
  • Foolish (twitter love lament)

“under the soles of my shoes”

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Produced by Dave ‘Dwave’ Thomson / Recorded at The Zoo – Nashville, Tennessee. Mixed by Chad Carlson at Hippo Sound

Launched June 2011 on Acronym Records/EMI Canada.

Track List

  • trainspotting
  • gone
  • bell bottom heart
  • the stars played tricks
  • oh god i’m cinderella
  • slings and arrows
  • fall from grace
  • brand new ocean
  • i don’t know
  • coat hanger

“Step Right Up”
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Produced Justin Gray / Recorded at ZEN – Los Angeles, The Nucleus – Toronto, Emerald City Studios – Los Angeles

Launched independently by Jeffery in 2008. National re-launch 2010 with distribution by EMI Music Canada.

Track List

  • Hypnotized
  • Sad Song
  • Flat Lines
  • Furious Butterfly
  • Bookmark
  • Special K
  • Slippery Slope
  • Snowflake
  • Time to Breathe
  • Emoticons
  • Somewhere Between
  • Tykie’s Comin Out
  • The Storm
  • Dressed to Kill

“Songs from Highway 15”
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Producer Brian Moncarz / Recorded at Whirlwind Sound, Toronto
A collection of folk-pop songs inspired by people and places in the Canadian prairies. Backing vocals by Kat Goldman.

Track List

  • Maybe just one more day
  • When the wind
  • blows
  • Falling
  • Walk Away
  • I wanna go
  • Shadows in the sun
  • Wonderful Mrs.
  • Bell
  • Beautiful Boy
  • River
  • Hero