2300 kms, one weekend!

this past weekend: FRI=Tisdale SK, SAT = Saskatoon SK, SUN = Winnipeg MB, MON = Regina SK. total distance driven = 2300 kms. Mode of transport: One rented car for first portion. One bass players\’ car for rest of it. Gigs were a great time! Food intake was all over the map: bulk trail mix from superstore (most expensive kind but coded it as cheapest – !lol), sun chips, blue fish, water, endless coffee at every imaginable stop. 4 in the car. lots of heat and sun. Smelled a bit. A few dairy queen blizzards were consumed. actually ate really well when we did stop for meals. had shots bought for us at Alfredo\’s Resto in Regina. lovely for driving…. Scored AMAZING beds in Winnipeg; we were put up in the Delta hotel! hooray Delta – your beds, upon arriving at 3am – were complete & utter BLISS!

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