40 show Cross-Canada Tour! will we be near you?

Well, we\’re on our way with a 40 date national tour between Vitoria BC & Sydney Cape Breton (Nova Scotia). These shows fall between Mar 1 and June 10 & all the details are in the tour calendar on this site:
We had a great time at shows on the prairies including being part of the big Kinsmen Telemiracle live CTV Telethon in March which was so rewarding. We just had a wonderful sold-out show in Toronto (with Suzanne Nuttall), and are headed to the maritimes for 7-shows-in-seven-days (with Jenny MacDonald). Hope to see you at a show. In the meantime check out the video page on this website (use the tabs above), or click on the music-player at the right of the screen to hear some songs. Cheers! JS

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