an amazing 24 hrs in Vancouver!

I spent May 30 (just past) in Vancouver. I had the pleasure of being able to hear a 50+ voice choir (The Maple Leaf Singers) sing an arrangement of my song \’Slippery Slope\’ – it was amazing! They had heaps of fans in the theatre (700 or so? insane!) and their concert was so great. It was the first time this tune had been set to choral arrangement and the 6 part harmony was stunning! (thanks to Wilson Fowlie for the arrangement) Then, that evening I performed a crazily memorable house concert – hosted by the most incredible couple, Ken and Marilyn Rushton. They opened their house to host the musical evening and were \’hosts with the most\’. They set up the piano with the HUGE GLASS wall behind it so you could see the mountains and all the lush Vancouver greenery in the background. With some of the choir in attendance as well, there were some very cool accompanying vocals for some of the tunes. what a day! Then 24 hours after arriving in town, I hopped the jet back East. Thanks to Wilson and Heather Fowlie for scheming this whole thing up, the Rushtons for hosting the concert, and thanks to Andrew for the airport pick up and the GREAT breakfast by the seaside in Richmond! Hope we can somehow do this again sometime. Thank-you for the music.

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