co-writes, radio interviews, let the recording begin!

Just completed a co-write called \’UNREAL\’ with pop singer-songwriter Tamara Miller, which she has demo\’d to put on her upcoming album being worked with Toronto producer Ron Lopata. Thanks for the co-write opportunity Tam!
Swift Current Radio (Saskatchewan) aired an awesome radio feature on Sask. artists (including me!) that was heard all over the province, and gave me opportunity to talk my upcoming CDs I\’m starting to record. I\’ve also been contacted to do another feature hit with radio in Moose Jaw, to be able to talk the albums as well. WE LOVE prairie radio!!!
One of the upcoming CDs – \’Songs from Highway 15\’ will feature tracks inspired by people/places/things from my days growing up in Punnichy Sask.! It\’ll be toured & marketed extensively out there. More on that soon…..

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