Follow me on Spotify, and listen to some songs

Hello website visitor! With new songs in the works (for release later this year) I\’m getting followers of my music to join me on SPOTIFY for FREE listening.
CLICK HERE to go to to my Spotify music player page. Once there, you\’ll see a FOLLOW button: click it! (easy). Lower down on the page you\’ll see \’popular\’ songs you can play + all of my albums to listen to…FOR FREE! Thank-you so much for following & listening. New music is coming soon and now you\’ll be the first to hear it.
If you really want to help here\’s a few more things you can do: Spotify \’suggests\’ artists more if these things happen: a) if listeners add songs to playlists they make, b) if listeners \’save\’ songs to their spotify library. If you can do that, or share my spotify songs with others it\’s really helpful. cheers js

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