Great time in Orangeville Ontario – house concert & fundraiser

I was recently invited to perform a house concert in beautiful Orangeville Ontario.  The hosts decided to also make the event a fundraiser for a charity/foundation run by a local lady Sharon Gaskell.  Her foundation, \”starthrower\’ does some incredible work in Haiti.  The audience was really great at the show and the night raised almost $3000 for the charity, surpassing all goals!! So excited to have been part of that.  People appreciating live music and helping others in need all at the same time = what a good feeling.  This is a pic of the Jeff-igy outside the host\’s house.  It\’s me, with a bit of an Easter Island slant to it…lol

2 thoughts on “Great time in Orangeville Ontario – house concert & fundraiser”

  1. As the hosts of this event, now we have a unique problem: how could we ever top such an electric performance? Magnificent music for a wonderful cause. I couldn’t agree more, Jeffery. That equals good feeling.

    Here’s a selection of unsolicited comments I’ve since received by email from our socks-knocked-off audience:

    “Fabulous evening … Jeffery was amazing … Thank you so much for introducing us to his music.” Daniela

    “A wonderful evening of entertainment.” Angela

    “I was totally blown away by Jeffery.” Nancy

    “Jeff and his musicians were awesome.” Coral

    “Fantastic music.” Kevin

    “It was really a magical evening. I have become a big fan of Jeff Straker’s! His voice, his piano playing skills, his storytelling skills … I enjoyed every single minute of the evening.” Marion

    “A marvelous summer evening … everything was perfect … his voice and playing, the cello, and the jazzy guitar! A magical night.” Pat

    “It was a fantastic evening.” Jim

    “A fabulous evening.” Signe

    “I had such a good time at your concert, reflecting on both Jeffery and Sharon almost daily.” Roxy

    “I haven’t enjoyed anything so much in such a long time.” Marg

    And from Sharon Gaskell’s blog:
    “… the most amazing fundraiser I have ever attended … A full house of 38 were spellbound and completely absorbed by the talented trio. There are no adjectives which adequately describe the level of talent and charisma to which we were treated.”

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