It\’s called Urban influenced pop/rock!

Since a couple of people have asked I thought I\’d post this!
The material that I\’m working on in the studio with local T.O. producer Katalyst, is in the genre we\’re calling urban influenced pop/rock. We\’re coming up with a VERY new direction, vs the previous album \’Petrified\’. Stay tuned at this website for some samples that I\’ll post in about a month.
Separately, the Euro-Pop project that I worked on with Executive Producer A. Tolbi from Paris is now done. The single \”Not like that\” (performed partly in French with the help of Valerie Beaulieu!) is done, as is the dance mix of this tune and both will be taken to Paris in September. I actually haven\’t heard the final tune yet (!) but those who have are saying good things (thank God)! A sample will be posted here shortly, as well.

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