Let\’s LIGHT A FIRE on March 27! new single (pre-save now)

I\’m looking forward to March 27th, when I\’ll be launching a new single from my upcoming (May) album. You can help me out by pre-saving the song on Spotify. When you pre-save, you\’ll be the first to hear it on launch day by receiving a reminder alert that it\’s available. Also, the more people who pre-save the tune, the more likely it is for Spotify to send the song to other new listeners. Click here to pre-save the song on Spotify. Scroll to the bottom and click on the white \”Spotify\” bar. You\’ll see some ominous \’legalese\’ wording about \”me\” being able to access your Spotify account. REST ASSURED(!), I can\’t. All that it means is that the song will be saved in your Spotify music library. easy! Thanks for the help and I can\’t wait to share this with you on March 27.

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