New fun website stuff!

Eagle-eyed visitors to the site will notice that we\’ve made a few \”behind the scenes\” changes this month, including moving to a new server.

The most noticible of these is that we have upgraded our news posting system, to better keep you in touch with many exciting announcements Jeff will have over the fall. You can now leave messages for Jeff (and other web site visitors) by clicking on the \”Comments\” link under each post and adding your own two cents! Also if any of Jeff\’s fans run Blogs you can \”Trackback\” or \”Pingback\” Jeff\’s news articles to automatically cross-link to your site!
On the links to the right you\’ll also find a snazzy new searchable archive of past news, and an RSS feed for automatic news and update trackers.

Jeff\’s performance calendar also is now much improved and will let you search for past shows, print summaries of upcoming months, and do all kinds of other cool stuff.

Finally the entire site has been rewritten in dynamic PHP to let us better harness these new features, so let me know if you find any unusual behaviour.

Thanks for visiting!

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