New musical \”US\” running at Globe Theatre, Regina SK – Mar 1-18

The new musical I\’ve written the score for is playing 20 shows (in its world premiere run) at the Globe Theatre in Regina SK. I\’m pretty excited about this work with playwright partner Kelley Jo Burke. The play called \”US\” is set at a summer camp for LGBTQ young people and tells a story of them coming together, finally being in the \”majority\”. When they no longer need to think about how different they are, as they do in their day-to-day lives, that setting provides possibility for transformation. The work has been described as \”powerful\” with \”an incredible ability to softly educate a diverse audience\”. The official review in the Leader-Post read: \”US succeeds with a wide range of emotion\”. The songs got a special shout-out too: \”The diversity of the songs was truly impressive, from light and fluffy dance tunes to emotional ballads that revealed the darkest fears of the characters.\” I\’ve had so many messages from people telling me how the show moved them to both laughter and tears – it\’s been so rewarding and wonderful to hear. If you have a chance, go and take it in. It runs to Mar 18 at the Globe Theatre in Regina Sask and tickets are available on their website: CLICK HERE.

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