Off to tour with BEN! (and new tunes coming to this site)

I\’m off to the US to tour 8 fantastic dates with Ben Schaefer. Looking forward to it. As soon as that\’s done I\’m on a plane to Regina,SK to do 35 dates out in Western Canada. You can see where I\’ll be on the web calendar on this site. Also – I just finished recording 3 new demos of songs written while in Toronto over the past 2 months. Piano and vocals were recorded in my bedroom, as were some percussion (tupperware, knee slaps, and knife on cutting board)!! We added drums at Trubble Clef Music in Toronto – thanks to drummer Flavio Monopoli (wow-excellent playing!) – who\’s also mixing these tunes (Monopoli Music/M2). We\’re going to post them on this site on the soon-to-be-launched streaming web-radio player. This\’ll happen soon so check back in the next few weeks for sure!

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