Opening act for MEL C (of Spice Girls) – Toronto

JUST announced…..
I\’ve got an invite to be the opening act for Mel C (of the Spice girls) in Toronto on Sat June 28th. It\’s for her big outdoor show she\’ll do at Toronto Pride this year. I\’ll have a band along for the set and it\’ll be Faaaaaabulous. We\’re on at 5pm sharp and play til 530. The Stage is the TD Stage on Wellesley right across from the subway entrance (near Yonge/Wellesley). You can\’t miss it really – it\’s just across the street. Please come on out to say hi, scream, toss underwear or all of the above. Hope to see you there! Tell your friends….and your mom.

2 thoughts on “Opening act for MEL C (of Spice Girls) – Toronto”

  1. Hey there baby, I’ll make sure to bring a box full of undies and throw them at you while you sing. Then I’ll scream “Jeeeeffff I love you!!” and then faint…lol

    Congrats on the gig dude.


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