proud to be a new \”Wall of Fame\”-er: Horizon School Division!

I attended my elementary and high school years at Punnichy High School, in the Horizon School Division in Saskatchewan (Canada). A few weeks ago, in late August, they inducted me into their \”Wall of Fame\” in the \’fine arts\’ category. It was a real honour to be able to be there in person for the ceremony, and to address the 1000 teachers and staff who were on hand. They also served some great snacks 🙂 and my hollow leg was happy. I took all of my music lessons from piano teachers outside the school system since small town schools rarely have music programs built-in. But within the school what I did have were some amazing teachers, who were incredibly motivating and somehow led me to believe that I could do whatever it was, that I set my mind to. Maybe they were right, maybe they were wrong. But it\’s sure fun trying and I love working full time in the Canadian music industry. Thank-you to all my teachers and thank-you to the Horizon School Division!

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