Recent Shows and CD sales going well! THANK YOU!

CD sales:
First off – thanks to all those who have been at recent performances or bought a CD in the last month. It\’s so encouraging. Sales off the website have seen CDs go all over Canada, to the US, and to England, Germany, and Ireland! (Sorry for the slight delay in getting some of the first orders out – due to the delay in printing the CDs.) Special thanks, once again, to my sushi-loving cousin Brad for designing and maintaining this website (interestingly he\’s in France with the production of a new film and does these updates from his apartment in Paris. No, no………I\’m not at all jealous.)

Latest Shows:
Recent shows have been going well. The in-store performances at Indigo were really cool – and Heather Reisman bought one of my CDs from me after requesting a song off the album. I hope that her and Gerry enjoy it! Interestingly, Heather also requested a Billy Joel cover – that thankfully I knew. phew. I hope they hire me to play at one of their parties!

New shows booked for May:
I\’ve got some new shows posted for May – (see upcoming performances) – and I\’m in the midst of planning a CD launch party(!) so stay tuned for details. It\’ll be good – I promise.

Chantale Kreviazuk\’s last show:
I saw her perform at Convocation Hall in Toronto on the weekend. All I have to say is OHMYGAWD. It was my first time seeing her live (embarassingly) and with just one voice 88 keys, and a string quartet it was a bang-up show. Just amazing. And the lighting was great too.

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