Regina house concert this Sat Mar 3rd – a few seats left!

Here\’s a great opportunity to hear some brand new songs this Sat night (Mar 3rd-7:30pm) – performed on a beautiful piano by myself and backed by my sister Jill. It\’s a house concert! If you\’ve never been to one, it works like this – a host invites people into their home for an intimate evening of experiencing music up close like never before. You can bring a drink, a snack and settle in for the show. There\’s a donation of $10 that goes to the musicians. It\’s an excellent experience. I\’ve done quite a few of these and love doing them. Let me know if you\’re interested! ( It\’ll be the most intimate show I\’ve ever done in Regina. Only a few seats left and we\’d love to fill them!
Also – check out some new demos on my myspace:
Jeff\’s Myspace

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