The new album launches Mar 10!

I\’m getting really excited, I must admit, as my new album \”North Star Falling\” launches on Mar 10 = SOON! It\’s already available for pre-order on iTunes and here on this website in the \’store\’ (physical CDs that will be mailed to you March 10). So you don\’t even need to wait \’til March 10 to order it if you don\’t want to. Pre-orders get a few immediate downloads before anyone else so there\’s a bit of an incentive! Check back to this site because I\’ll be adding some more songs from the new album to the music player on the right hand side of the home page that you can listen to. You can also peek at the video page for a new lyric video. Of course check out the tour calendar (\”upcoming shows\”) on the site here too, as there are a LOT of tour dates right across Canada that have been added in support of this new album. I hope to see you at a show! I\’m attaching a new LIVE in studio (acoustic) video of the song \”Like it\’s the Last One\” from the new album for you to check out. I think the musicians did a great job. cheers Jeffery

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