Time after Time – covered by Jeffery

Here\’s the latest video from our Youtube cover series:  \’TIME AFTER TIME\’ by Cyndi Lauper.  I really enjoyed singing this one and it got a lot of votes from people when we asked which ones I should cover.  If you like it, pls comment on the youtube page or share it with a friend on facebook (that\’s all helpful stuff!)  cheers.  j

2 thoughts on “Time after Time – covered by Jeffery”

  1. Sheryl Stevenson

    Hi Jeff,
    I heard you perform this song at the Flying Beaver Pubaret. I just wanted to let you know that my sister and I talked about it again days later–how much we loved it. For me, your rendition is much better than the original, more soulful. Hope you’ll keep making covers like this one. You changed my sense of the song and made it mean more to me!
    Looking forward to more of your performances and videos–
    Sheryl (Georgia and Anna’s friend)

    1. thanks Sheryl! that’s gr8 of you to share that comment. Much appreciated. Such a great song to sing. I’ve always heard it a bit different than how it was originally recorded.

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