Tour dates in Theatres and Halls across Saskatchewan Oct 1-Nov 2

Between Oct 1 and Nov 2 Jeffery will be touring a special show to theatres and halls across Saskatchewan. All shows are presented by arts councils in the province and guests in the show include Jack Semple (blues guitarist-vocalist) and Annette Campagne (francophone folk-singer/guitarist). The tour also supports the upcoming launch of Jeffery\’s new single \”One Foot on Main Street\” (from his forthcoming 2020 recording). The Song is a nod to remembering your roots, and the importance of how they\’ve shaped who you are. It\’s roots/country in flavour, with a classic storytelling style and a sing-along chorus. Jeffery\’s roots lie in small town Saskatchewan, and he\’s looking forward to playing the song live for home audiences. CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO THE CONCERT CALENDAR WITH SHOW DETAILS

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