Weekend with Pat Pattison

Spent an amazing weekend in Toronto with Boston based songwriting guru Pat Pattison – as well as many other songwriters who were on hand to learn from him for the intensive 2-day course. Pat is a prof at the Berklee college of Music, and is also a seasoned Nashville songwriter. Called \’Writing from a title\’ it covered an unbelievably large range of learning on songwriting. I\’d almost use the word \’mesmerizing\’ to describe the 2 days. Great people, great music and even great food (!), provided by the hotel we were at. In the open-critique session my new Duo, Biz-R Love Triangle, received some WONDERFUL feedback from Pat on one of our new tunes, Tangled up In Tuesday. Thanks goes out to the Songwriters Association of Canada for the awesome event.
ALSO: Check out the new photos in the on-line album. Watch for clips of new songs from Biz-R Love Triangle coming soon! Cheers!

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