We\’re going to radio with a single!

With the help of a well known Toronto based radio promoter, we\’ve decided to take the title-track single of my album (\”Petrified\”) to radio (Adult Contemporary and Hot AC) starting the end of July \’03. We\’re excited about what hopefully awaits us, and are crossing our figers that listeners will receive us well. We\’re pleased to report that two of the music direction staff at CHUM FM Toronto have given the song a favourable review and are awaiting the release.

In other news, I spent 5 days in New York City a few weeks ago. Ahhhhhhhh relaxing, but SOOOO HOT!. Saw two great shows – Chicago and Gypsy. All I have to say is – Go see them! I unfortunately had to cancel my Nora Jones (Massey Hall) tix that were for one of the nights that I was away. Ugh. But NYC WAS worth it.

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