\’Just After Sunset\’ – new recording

Just After Sunset

In the fall I released a 5-song acoustic EP called \’Just After Sunset\’. I picked 5 tunes from my 2021 album \”Just Before Sunrise\” and reimagined them acoustically to offer listeners something different. Four of the 5 songs are driven mainly by acoustic guitar (played by Regina SK guitar man Bryn Besse), with piano stepping back and playing as an accompanying instrument. The percussion includes foot stomps and a shaker I made using Tupperware and almonds 🙂 I really like how these turned out. You can LISTEN to the new songs on Spotify by clicking HERE. If you\’re an iTunes person, LISTEN on AppleMusic Canada HERE. The 5th (final) song is a full arrangement with added strings and backing vocals. I like how these all fit together in this little collection and I hope you do too. If you like to feel new music in your hands, you can buy a physical CD copy that I\’ll mail to you (and sign if you like) BY CLICKING HERE. cheers! Jeffery

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