Watch the new music video: \’Heavy is the Burden\’

When I wrote the song \’Heavy is the Burden\’ it was part of my grieving process after my mom passed away. I loved her dearly and it all hit me quite hard. What I realized while grieving is that people around me were really bad at talking about grief and death. We\’ve been conditioned to think of it as this really personal thing, therefore we ought to only whisper about it at best. As a result of this no one \’really\’ knows what to say. And kind of on the flip side of that people in grief don\’t really talk about their grief experience much for (perhaps) \’fear\’ of it being something people don\’t want to hear about. I wrote the song about my own feelings at the time, but also meant it for the grief others were feeling/would feel. It\’s about it being a universal feeling and we can all help each other with it if we just open up about it. I hope you enjoy the video! It was directed by the talented Chris Triffo, Wavelength Entertainment (Regina SK) and shot in the beautiful Mae Wilson Theatre (Moose Jaw SK). Please leave a comment on Youtube if you can. Also, a huge shout out to Creative Saskatchewan for supporting the production of this video. **CLICK HERE** TO WATCH HEAVY IS THE BURDEN ON YOUTUBE thx ! Jeffery

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