Proper gestation takes patience…!

The new CD is coming along slowly but surely (as it should)! I\’m excited to be able to share the new recorded songs with everyone very soon. In addition to recording, editing, mixing and mastering the CD, we\’ve been working really hard at other stuff too. Designer Heidi worked up some great new artwork for the album, webmaster Brad is working like a demon in the background creating a completely new face for us on the web that I\’m sure you\’ll like, photographer Pascal has done some wicked photo shoots, concert dates are being booked and all the rest of it. If you\’d like a concert of the new songs to take place near you, drop us a note at Also check out some of the dates that are always being updated here on the calendar on this site. The CD will be available on this site first – as a mail-order purchase via paypal – with digital sales on i-tunes, puetracks etc. following after that. National cataloguing will also soon be done to have it available with every music retailer in Canada. Check back for updates and watch for the launch of the new website!

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