Welcome to Jeffstraker.com v4!

Brad the web-guy here! Just wanted to thank everyone for putting up with the intermittent glitches over the past two days as I rolled out the new web-design.

This is the fourth major overhaul for Jeffstraker.com since it launched, and I think it\’s probably my favourite design to date.

With it you\’ll notice there\’s a whole bunch of new information now available about Jeff\’s new album \”Step Right Up\”, including the three great tracks now playing on the main page!

The two areas of the old site that will take a little bit of time to bring over are all the photo albums, and Jeff\’s past shows – but I\’ll do my best to get everything over in the next couple of days.

In the meantime if you notice anything odd, or have strange browser quirks feel free to drop me a line (webmaster @ this domain).

Have a great Spring everyone!

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